Dinner and a Movie

I was one of the millions of people that made the midnight showing of the Simpson’s movie.. many many years in the making for us die hard Simpsons fans that remember when they were a 3 minute short on the Tracy Ullman show.. Well the wife was in Houston.. and my daughter was out on a really looooooooong road trip… so they had not seen the movie yet.. so we load into the car.. and off we go.. Needless to say Cheyenne loved it.. and the wife was entertained, all is good! After the movie..we head out to the local Outback.. avoiding the one that Ol Broad and I went to a few weeks ago.. where they choose to serve us salt licks instead of our actual entree.. Keeping my fingers crossed the meal would be better this time, and holding some coupons from our last experience.. we settle in and start looking over the menu.. Cheyenne of course has to go to the bathroom.. well cause as you all know.. Kids have to check out every new bathroom, I think its in the handbook that they forgot to give me when she popped out.. So off her and the wife go! Now before I continue any further.. Ol Broad and I got excellent service.. and horrible food our last outing.. this time it was the direct opposite.. Our food was good.. and our service was horrible… Our waitress either was having a bad day.. or her attitude sucks year round.. one or the other! She was extremely rude, not to mention pushy.. She came up to refill our drink glasses.. and the wife and I were in the middle of a conversation.. and our waitress felt the need to interrupt us.. without so much as an excuse me!!! Not to mention that we were only halfway thru our meal, when she came back by to ask us if we saved room for dessert?? Are you serious?? How the hell would I know if I saved room for dessert, if I still have half my meal on my plate?? *sigh*  If I’m lucky.. the wife wont get another craving for Outback for quite sometime!! *Wait.. I’m not that lucky!*


One Response

  1. What a waste of perfectly good certificates. Hope ya stiffed her on the tip!

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