The beating that wasn’t??

Well.. If your reading this, I survived the midnight release of Madden 08.. I like to do my research before I jump into anything.. Last night not being any different.. Bout 9:30 I called my “inside connection” at my local Gamestop.. I inquire about just how many reserves were out  for said Madden game.. My inside connection tells me.. “Oh we have several hundred reserved”.  I tell him thank you for the scoop.. See ya there!  Elvis and I decide to head over about 2 hours early.. To secure our place in line. We walked over, because we live right across the street.. and fearing the mass crowd, and parking nightmare.. figured mise well walk.. its a cool 93 outside!!  We get to the corner.. and look across.. Not a sole in sight in front of the Gamestop?? We look at eachother.. Then decide that a Starbucks coffee product of some sorts would be a nice idea.. So off we go to our local Starbucks..  Now armed with Starbucks.. I with a Grande aka MEDIUM cup of joe.. and Elvis with his girly ass Iced Chai Latte *shakes head* Off we go.. Now after about 10 minutes of standing outside our local Gamestop.. Another car rolls up.. and a couple sit in the car.. enjoying the A.C. and what would appear to be a chicken dinner of some sort.. I asked Elvis.. “Do you think if I gave them $5, they would let us sit in the car and enjoy that A.C.??  Elivs laughed.. 11 oclock rolls around.. and my “insided connection” rolls up.. Gets out of the car, and says would you look at that crowd, as he walks up to join us in a smoke, before going inside to work.. By the way.. the crowd was 6 deep at this time.. By this point.. I was starting to feel my “inside connection” was full of shit! *Dont tell him I said that.. I rather enjoy having a connection at my local Gamestop. We are finally allowed inside.. I must say the last midnight release I attened.. was very unorganized.. Lines everywhere.. Frustrated people.. ect.. This one.. rolled very smooth.  Midnight roll around.. the lines start moving.. I had my game in hand, and was back home by 12:15! I promptly announce my arrival home.. and toss in Madden 08… Then before I know it.. its 2 a.m.  I must admit.. I kinda missed the beating that comes along with a midnight release.. But it was nice to walk in, and walk out, and be done with it also! 


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