Vick saga continues

Vick pleads guilty… Really didn’t have much choice after his partners in crime all cut themselves deals.. No one knows for sure what Vick’s sentence will be.. Id say 12-18 months in prison, plus every bit of $250 thousand dollar fine.. Ya know something funny.. under normal circumstances in a case like this.. The prosecuting attorneys will only cut deals with 1 maybe 2 of the defendants… this case.. all 3 defendants get a break.. just to roll on Vick.. Now my comments on the link below.. Yes Vick should be able to play in the NFL when his stay in the joint is up! Why not? Ray Lewis got to come back, after he killed someone.. PacMan Jones got to play after being a repeat offender!  Sammy Sosa is still playing after being caught cheating twice, Bonds still makes a mockery of the game! Yes Vick was involved in some down right cruel activities.. but if he gets out, becomes an active part of the community and keeps his nose clean.. Absolutely he should be allowed to come back to the NFL.. Now will he be able to go back to the Starting QB with the Falcons.. prolly not.. Course that could also depend on if they still have Joey Harrington starting! Most likely he will go somewhere else.. Possibly be asked to change positions.. Vick would make one hell of a Wide Receiver.. Vick’s only real issue with coming back to any team.. is what will his presence do to the financials of said team.. If fans are still upset about this when he gets out… then whatever team would give him a chance, could see season ticket sales drop.. fan attendance and merchandise sales drop over the signing of Vick.. The all mighty dollar makes alot of decisions in the world today.. I truly hope Vick takes his time in prison and reassess what is truly important to him.. Athletes all over the world hopefully are taking a close look at the company they keep.. If you surround yourself with trash and leeches.. your asking for trouble.. If you surround yourself with positive people, doing positive things.. you stand a better chance of keeping your nose clean.. That’s a lesson hard learned for yours truly! Once again I do not condone what Vick hand his crew did.. But I do believe that he is entitled to a second chance in the NFL if he does what he needs to do with his personal life!



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