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Jerome Bettis has a new book coming out, Im wondering if the inserts that are in the article are to pump up sales, or to make him look bad… I can understand why he faked his injury.. There is no loyality anymore with GM’s and Teams always looking for the next best player to build a championship team. Its always hard for me to watch a player retire, then come out in the media and bad mouthing former coachs, teammates, and  the organization.. Tiki Barber is a prime example of this, with comments about former Giant teammates  Eli Manning, Jeremy Shocky, and who can forget coach?? People may not like Michael Irvin, but alteast when he retired.. He has had nothing but wonderful things to say about his teammates, Jerry Jones, Jimmy Johnson, and the rest of the the Cowboys organization..



2 Responses

  1. I never thought Bettis would fake an injury. That’s just crazy. I agree with you about players talking about teammates after they’re retired. That’s just something you don’t do. That’s the main reason why I stopped liking Tiki Barber. He’s wrong for that. Tiki should just worry about the Today Show.

  2. Hey now.. where’s my credit for bringing the story to your attention?? 😛

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