Quinn not Starter?

I realize that Brady Quinn held out for 11 days during training camp, Perhaps looking for the fat top 10 draft pick contract *chuckles*. I realize that he is a rookie.. One question I pose to the Browns organization.. why not let him start?? Your not defending Superbowl Champs, your not Division Champs, hell your not even a winning organization.. *loyal dog pound fans love you guys anyway* Your starting QB is Charlie Frye!!! Where is the decision in this? Quinn has looked really good in the preseason. I say let him start! Your season record cant get any worse!!! 🙂



2 Responses

  1. disagreed… remember a few years ago when san diego traded eli and drafted phillup rivers? drew brees was still on the roster and beat out the rookie rivers for the position? didn’t turn out too shaby…

    is frye another brees situation? no, but don’t discount a qb decision unless you know for a fact he sucks. Besides as a true cowboys fan, you want the team to collapse THEN have to change to a rookie QB to continue the free fall to a top 5 draft pick

  2. I see your point sir.. But! if the rookie has a better showing in the preseason, then he should be given the chance to start.. Frye had his chance to prove that he was a serviceable qb last season!

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