Schaub Good Fit

In preseason action last night.. The Cowboys traveled down to Houston, for the anual Tom Landry game.. I had yet to see Schaub in a Texans uniform.. Now I was able to see him in action on the field in Atlanta.. and determined he had something.. He was a serviceable QB, but had my doubts when he was traded to the Texans.. How would he do behind the line that allowed David Carr to be sacked a record number 200+ times! While watching the game last night, I noticed that either Schaub is quicker on his feet, or the line got better.. Schaub could actually be what the Texans need to put something together down there! I also spent time looking at Mario Williams.. you know the 1st overall draft pick last year over Bush and Young?? *everyone point and laugh at the Texans now* I am still unimpressed! Mario Williams wasnt even the best defensive player on his team in college.. much less the BEST player available with the #1 pick overall in the draft! Still say if your going to offer Mario a contract for 6/53 million.. you should spent the extra 5 million and drafted Young!


2 Responses

  1. Yeah I’m still not sure I know what the Texans were thinking when they passed on Bush and even Young. I’m not that impressed with their #1 choice! But maybe what they needed was Schaub and/or new line?! Time will tell….season opener Sept. 9th….

  2. Im still a firm believer they should have traded out of #1 spot.. and traded down.. They could have filled some major holes in that team, and if they really wanted Mario Williams.. they still could have gotten him.. and for alot cheaper! But hey what do I know!!

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