College Football Kicks off

In honor of next weekends college kick off.. I decided to post this.. to get everyone pumped!!! Course if your not a Longhorn fan.. prolly wont do much for you 🙂

8 Responses

  1. You’re right – it doesn’t do anything for me since I don’t bleed burnt orange! Course I don’t recall seeing any highlights from when Texas played a real team (the Ohio State University?)! Just a thought……!

  2. Ya we did’nt do to well this year.. Troy Smith, Teddy Ginn Jr, and Anthony Gonzales hurt us in a major way… But on the flip side we did go to the hardest stadium in the country “The Horseshoe” and pull out the upset the year before 😉

  3. Then I guess you forgot how A&M went into DKR Memorial last November and pulled one hell of an upset?! Oh well!

  4. I did not forget.. How could I forget that game.. since Colt took a “CHEAPSHOT” walking off the field after throwing an interception! But I dont want to live in the past! Even a blind squireel find a nut every once in a while 😉 We shall see what happens when WE visit Kyle Field in November!!

  5. Again – would you care to put some money on that? In case you’re unfamiliar with stadium atmospheres, Kyle Field is one of the most energetic and intense stadiums in the nation. I agree that “The Horseshoe” is also an intense environment. However, most head coaches even comment on the A&M student section before and after the game! WE shall see what happens on November 23rd!

  6. You figure out what you would like to lose, and we shall bet that! 😉

  7. I thought Colt took 2 cheap shots that game… ?? 🙂

  8. The first hit on Colt was a borderline roughing the passer call.. As he was hit after he threw the ball, but the defender was already in the motion of hitting him.. The second one was a flat out cheapshot in every sense of the word!

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