A Better Day!

Can anyone tell me at the exact moment when Sports became a business.. instead of a sport?? Id like to think it was when the AFL became the NFL and signed its life away to major networks to broadcast games.. I could be wrong.. I am told stories of when players played sports for the love of the game.. Wow what a concept.. Doing something you love, because you love doing it?? Impossible.. I have even heard stories of football players that went back to their normal jobs after their seasons ended.. Really?? You mean players haven’t always been paid millions of dollars from companies, just to say they like the crap they are selling?? Sports today are nothing more then a business.. Think about this.. whatever happened to the days when a college player declared themselves for the draft, a team like his performance.. and come draft day.. this team selects the player, and wants them to join their team, only to be told.. “If you draft me, Ill sit and wont play for you” Excuse me?? Eli Manning did this 3 years ago.. San Diego has the first pick in the draft, they draft Eli, and then they trade him to the Giants to get Philip Rivers.. who by the way had a better season this year.. The Manning family felt Eli would make more money in New York.. you know contract, endorsements.. ect.. You can thank John Elway for this.. he actually did the samething.. later followed by Bo Jackson..And here I thought if a pro team wanted you.. you should be happy because you made it to the highest level of your chosen sport.. When did your abilities to play a sport earn you more money then people make to run the country? The president makes roughly last I saw about $300,000 a year.. and after he leaves office.. he is taken care of for the rest of his life.. if you add up the salary for a 4 year term.. and the pension he draws after he leaves office.. it still doesn’t add up to a rookie’s signing bonus.. Whatever happened to the days when a field was named after a great person, not the highest bidding company?? We see how that worked out for Houston.. Remember Enron?? Have you ever watched interviews with players these days?? Most sound uneducated.. and the phrase “Ya know what I’m sayin” comes way to often.. Well yeah I know what your sayin.. had you stayed in college, instead of looking for the fat signing bonus you might sound alittle more educated! I know its a tough choice to stay in school.. when you listen to Mel Kiper yelling about where you will go in the draft.. and then you factor in what happens if you get hurt.. well you could use that college degree to get a job?? I mean hell your there on a full ride scholarship.. where kids who cant play sports are stuck working 2 jobs, and their parents take out a second mortgage to give their kids the education you take for granted….


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  1. I’m still waiting for Preperation H Stadium…

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