Being superfan #10 let me say this first.. Vince looked really really bad against a Patriots defense in the Titans second preseason game. He sat the out the first game after being suspended by Jeff Fisher for a rule violation. I did not get to see the game, but did catch the highlights on ESPN.. Young looked very very good! He was in complete control of the game.. Brought back memories of the last  7 minutes of a certain National Championship Game!  This is an insert taken from the article below.. I had this same conversation with someone last night.. 😉

“Vince Young is hard to tackle, but we’re not alone in that,” Bills coach Dick Jauron said. “A lot of NFL teams look bad trying to tackle him.”   TRUE!!!



2 Responses

  1. Agreed! Young is a freak of nature and tough to bring down or better yet, chase down when in full stride! The Titans used their pick wisely in last year’s draft. Hell – most teams without a Pro-Bowl QB would have benefited from this pick.

  2. I can’t argue.. Young is a stud.. and don’t get me started on teams that passed on the single greatest upside potential player in last years draft! *everyone point and laugh at the Texans*

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