Vick found Religion?

You know.. I heard the Vick press conference while it was happening, and then went back and read the article below.. Let me tell you this.. Vick’s speech could not have sounded more rehearsed if he had been going over it since this story broke. Allow us to place the religion card on the table right next to the race card!  I think Vick played this card way to early! Most people in his position don’t find God until they have actually been in prison *shakes head* I’m still of the opinion that Vick would have been in alot better position if he had just plead guilty from the beginning.. before his 3 counterparts cut deals! I truly hope that Vick takes this time to reflect on his live, and the decision he has made up to this point!  *Just my opinion*



6 Responses

  1. “Vick said he now has renounced dogfighting and has found religion as a result of the federal charges. “Dogfighting is a terrible thing. I reject it,” he said.” Oh good grief…

  2. Riiiiiiight!!! His entire statement was rehearsed. Since he’s already found God and learned the error of his ways, what will his jailhouse interviews be about?? How he’s keeping in QB condition by evading “tacklers”?!

  3. Ya know.. Im trying really hard not to take the *easy jokes* about Vick being in jail.. but its getting really hard.. lol

  4. Does Starter make soap on a rope??

  5. *shakes head* Here we go with the “easy jokes”

  6. I am so tired o hearing someone say “I found Jesus” every time they get their ass in trouble…I agree that it is a little 2 soon 2 say that..u would at least think that he could have waited until he got there…but thats just my opinion.

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