Young Breaks Madden Curse

Anyone who either plays Madden, or follows football knows about the Madden curse. Either one of two things will happen to whichever player graces the cover. They will get hurt at some point in the season, sometimes season ending, or they will have a really really bad year! Example.. Last year Shaun Alexander graced the cover.. He broke a bone in his foot and was out for 4-6 weeks. LaDainian Tomlinson was approached to grace this years cover.. he respectfully declined.. probably because he is coming on his best season, after setting the single season touchdown record. Vince Young is this years cover, and also as of yesterday my 1st round draft pick in one of my fantasy leagues. It was described as either a “genius pick, or a crackhead pick” Im not real concerned with the crackhead aspect coming into play. I have also been described as Superfan #10 as I have followed Vince since his days at Madison High-school. Watch the highlight reel above.. This is exactly why I picked Young yesterday.. and why the Madden Curse will be broken this season!

5 Responses

  1. Would you like to put some money on that “genius pick”????

  2. I would bet just about anything on that pick!

  3. the madden curse is bs

  4. WHAT IS THIS BS MODERATION BULLSHIT?!? what the fuck? do you fucking expect me to be obsecene and shit? anyone posting on your site isn’t needing to be moderated… we’re just fishing for coney island white-fish

  5. I really hope Young can break the Madden Curse. So far so good.

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