Can you say stupid? “The Remix”

Details released about Briggs car mishap on Mondy. Its official, Goodell must be asking “What the hell is wrong with you people”? Not only was Briggs driving his car, but after leaving the scene, he calls a tow truck, then calls and reported the car stolen? WOW! *shakes head* I have a couple of questions for Mr Briggs, if you were not drinking, or doing drugs, and you did not hit anyone. Then why did you leave the scene? Why not just call the police and handle it the right way? Briggs also said that he panicked, and didnt want to make a big scene? Oh yeah.. way to avoid that big scene Mr Briggs.  *shakes head again*



4 Responses

  1. i like how there were temporary texas tags in the car but the permanent illinois tags registered to briggs were inside…..smooth lance….smooth! how’d they ever figure out it was you?

  2. hold on… let me get this straight… he called a tow truck and THEN reported it … did he go to A&M?

  3. You would think that if he wanted to make a clean get away.. He would have grabbed the plates outta the car!! Im curious to see what Goodell and the Bears have to say about all this!

  4. ok that has 2 be tha most stupidest shit that anyone can do…I read he was given citations for failure to give immediate notice of tha accident and improper lane use…can we say wtf?…He is sceduled 2 appear in court on Oct 4 and tha police r sayin that they wonder if alcohol plays in any part of this situation…also can we say duh but I doubt that he is gonna admit 2 it now…if they didnt do tha alcohol on him then…then its 2 last 2 play that card…just my opinion.

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