Trouble in New York

Mike Mussina has been a solid starter  in New York since 1991, but as of late has been beaten up in his last three starts. Is this a slump? Is this the end of his career? Some have said he has forgotten how to pitch.  I do not think he has forgotten how to picth, I think it may have to do with 16 years in the league catching up with him. With Clemens also struggleing.. The Yankees need to figure something out quickly if they want to stay in contention for the post season..



4 Responses

  1. Do you think Mussina is going to be able to make it to 300 wins? He’s definitely started to decline in recent years, and I think he’s only around 250 or so. What do you think?

  2. I would like to hope he can figure out whats wrong, and the Yankees will give him the time to do so, but with it being so close to the post season I dont see it happening. I really do hope he makes 300 wins.. that is a major accomplishment in a pitchers career.

  3. Yeah unless the Yanks can go 6-0 in the final games with the Sox, I think Joe Torre can kiss off the Hunt for October! The Yankees may have more money than God for a payroll – let’s use it for younger talent. Yes, the Rocket and Mussina have had excellent careers, but it might be time to put the ball down. Mussina has 53 wins till the big 300 – that’s at least several years in the making. Will it happen???

  4. If Joe Torre does not make the post season, he will be with Mussia.. Looking for a new job! And you underestimate the career of the Rocket! Its beyond excellent. Mark this date on your calander.. As a huge Rocket fan.. *sigh* I admit its time for him to retire.. 😦

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