Hockey Guru comes to Ick’s Corner

Ok.. I admit I am not the Hockey lover.. I am still learning about the game.. Wondering what am I going to do come Hockey season to keep the fans entertained.. I went to the guru of Hockey.. and biggest Dallas Stars fan I know.. My best-friend Elvis, to seek his wisdom on the subject. He told me that he had been checking in with my blog “every once in awhile” *shakes head* and likes what I’m doing here. He then asked.. “what are you going to do for Hockey season”, I replied “I’m glad you asked” 🙂  I am proud to announce come Hockey season.. You will have the Guru of Hockey feeding all your stats, news, and discussions. That’s right.. for Hockey Season Elvis has agreed to be a “guest columnist” here at Ick’s Corner.. I promise all you Hockey fans will not be disappointed!


2 Responses

  1. Elvis will enter the building…… uuuHuuh

  2. Poor E. Does he know how much writing this means? hehe…

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