Tiki blasts Coughlin!

If you read my blog, then Im sure you read the article I put up about Jerome Bettis and his new book, where he takes shots at the Steelers Organization.. Well Tiki Barber can be added to that list, of Players that retire.. then have nothing but negative things to say.. Tiki has written a book that will be out later this month, and in said book he claims that  Coughlin, while helping him with his massive fumbling problem.. took his love for the game away.. and thats why Tiki retired.. This contridicts a interview Tiki gave midseason last year saying “Im retiring while Im still young” he later goes on to say “I hurt all the time, I can barely move on Monday” Tiki also threw Eli Manning under the bus last month in an interview.. where he called out the young QB’s leadership abilities.. Hey Tiki.. hate to break it to you.. but you were a young player once.. Maybe you should have remembered that… before you tossed Eli under the bus.. The Giants.. have alot of “Me” players on their team.. I have said this for years..  I just never expexted Tiki to turn out to be one also..

 Tiki Blasts Coughlin


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