BCS Crystal Ball

Experts chime in with BCS bowl game predictions.. Seems all the experts like USC in the National Championship game..

BCS Bowl Game


2 Responses

  1. usc is the layup choice… deservedly… but thats like saying micheal jordan was a good basketball player… too easy… my 2 pesos:

    a generous application of big and nasties,
    equal parts fast and thugish lb/s, and crazy quick skill guys,
    subtact one bad qb,
    fire one incredibly bad coach,
    you’ve got miami (currently unranked, thats gonna change… i love picking the teams others write off)

  2. USC is the safe pick.. I agree.. Im not really sure I buy into LSU W/O Jamarcus Russell.. So let me get this right.. your picking Miami to make a bowl game this year? or are they still a year away?? hehehehehe

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