Benoit suffered Brain Damage?

As you all know.. Chris Benoit professional wrestler in the WWE murdered his wife and 7 year old son, before killing himself back in June.. Doctors now believe Chris Benoit suffered brain damage due to his career in the ring.  One doctor said “The human skull was not designed to be hit with a chair” Ya think??? Doctors also say that the level of damage to Benoits brain, can have side effects like depression, and irrational thoughts.. just like steroids.. Chances are we may never know why Chris Benoit killed his family.. This article  does put this tragedy in a new perspective thou…


5 Responses

  1. can we say “wrestling defense”?? “Your honor, I wrestled in college… sorry i shot my wife.. it had nothing to do with her pissing me off… ” now i can buy the ‘roid rage, etc… but being hit in the head?? damn… that would cover just about any athlete at one time or another..

  2. Steroids caused concussions???

    Who knew?

    Media cover stories are cool.

    If it was a concussion, then WWE doping abuses are therapeutic.

    Someone should really inform ESPN, Roger Goodell and Gene Upshaw and Nike’s Lance Pharmstrong too.

  3. Being hit in the head by a chair causes concussions.. LOL.. They are saying the concussions he got while in the ring have the same side effects as steroid use.

  4. It had to be the balsa wood chairs–else it was Profession Plum holding the candle in the library that was dealing roids along with Roger Goodell, George Mitchell, Don Fehr, David Stern, Bud Selig, Gene Upshaw, Nike and ESPN-Disney.

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