Tomlinson trusts Smith

LaDainian Tomlinson wants a Superbowl Ring… as do most players in the NFL.. Tomlinson is also a realist.. at 28 he knows he doesn’t have too many more good years left in him.. After watching Drew Brees pack his bags and head to New Orleans.. I’m sure that didn’t help anything either.. Chargers GM,  A.J. Smith has promised Tomlinson that his career will not be in vain.. 



2 Responses

  1. *yawn*

    aj smith is the best gm in the league… he has put together the best talent in the league… just 4 years ago eli manning refused to go to them because they were THAT bad… now they have the best collection of talent (in their prime years, the covetted young vet) the league has seen since the 90s boys.

    if san diego doesn’t win a superbowl, it won’t be because of aj smith… this a pure fluff piece

    write about something funny like, Plexico at 6′5″ 232lbs being covered by Reeves at 5’11” 188lbs…

  2. I agree.. the Chargers have the best talent in the league.. And as far as Plexico being covered by Reeves.. to easy! The Cowboys should have never cut Henry.. Could be worse.. Plexico could be could be covered by Roy Williams.. We all know how great Roy is in coverage *chuckles*

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