He just doesn’t get it anymore. Retire ALREADY.

RoenickJeremy Roenick New San Jose Shark

I am sure any hockey fan knows of Jeremy Roenick. Seems his big mouth is always the center of attention. if you wanted to compare Roenick to others of his kind, think of names as Rodman, Terrell Owens, that would tell you about Mr. Roenick. Well he was thinking about retiring after last season, as many of you I hoped he would. But guess what, he is NOT. AAARRRGGGHHH !!!!! Why dear god, lol. Well it seems he was signed to a 1 year contract of 500,000 dollars by the San Jose Sharks. This new system is not fitting to Roenick whos production has slipped by a landslide over the last few years. Roenick talked to media stating the reason for his staying aboard is the hopes of breaking the 500 goal mark and his one last shot of hoping of winning a Stanley Cup. This is fine, but the kicker to his statement was he pledged to be a quiet player this season. yeah right, and pig fly. Roenick needs, better yet craves the spotlight. San Jose may think they got a steal for the price this is true, but what he brings to the table is gonna be a far worse headache. So PLEASE Mr. Roenick do us all a favor and make this your Last Dance.

Brought to you by: William “Elvis” Bynum


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