What If?

Ponder this if you will.. Ken Griffey Jr stays healthy for his whole career, is he the homerun leader instead of Bonds*??? Ken Griffey Jr hit number 593 last night.. I can’t help but wonder if Griffey had been able to stay healthy and play more games.. would he have been chasing Hank also.. As I said yesterday, I can’t watch baseball anymore without wondering “if he is on the juice”.. I correct myself.. I have never once wondered about Griffey..



3 Responses

  1. So many Sports fans have wondered the same thing. This guy was injured so much, and I’ve heard a lot of the injuries he’s had was his fault. Griffey never took training and workouts serious. This is during his Reds days, but I doubt he was any different with the Mariners. What coulda been. I wonder what he thinks about his situation.

  2. Ick … I don’t know if he’d be up there with Bonds yet, but he’d certainly be able to give the record a run in time. It’s a real shame because Griffey Jr. has always been one of the classiest guys in baseball history. I just think his injuries are a product of playing hard and bad luck. Seems each one came as he was making a great play. It’s a sad thing.

  3. Interesting points guys.. Dont even get me started on Bonds* I think Griffey can atleast say all of his Homeruns are honest 🙂

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