Any Moss Doubters?

Did Randy Moss silence his critics today.. Probably not.. Did he go out and make a statement today.. ABSOLUTELY.  Moss enters the league, with the Vikings.. Culpepper and Moss were a defensive coordinators worst nightmare for years.. Then the Moss-a-tude comes out.. Moss is then sent to Oakland.. where all great players go to put their careers to death.. Moss is unproductive to say the least! Sadly, only one play stands out in my mind from his career in Oakland.. His debut in a Raiders uniform.. Monday Night Football.. Opening play of the game.. He torches a Patriots secondary for 60+ yard touchdown. Brady down played Moss’s 183 yard 1 TD performance today by saying..

“There are a lot of pretty good [receivers] out there to pick from,” Brady said. “Any one of them, I feel like, could go out and have a big day.”

Are you serious? Pretty good receivers?? Now I realize that your not used to playing with an ELITE receiver, so we will caulk that up to a slip of the tongue.. referring to Moss as a “pretty good receiver” *shakes head*

Randy Moss


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