What the hell?

When did the Texans get a defense? The Texans defense hold Larry Johnson to 43 yards?? Mario Williams has 2 sacks in the same game? Houston fans must be rioting in the streets! I was sure that when I made my picks.. I had a sure win with Kansas City..

Houston Texans


4 Responses

  1. Not to worry. The Chiefs will be back this week after the wake up call they received this sunday. By the way Mr. D. Bowe might be a good addition to any fantasy team in a couple of weeks.

  2. I don’t know about the Chiefs. They have no defense, Damon Huard isn’t really a viable option at QB, they have no offensive line…they just have LJ. And without a line, LJ will only be able to do so much. They still have some time to turn it around, but i expect them to be getting a very high draft pick in 2008.

  3. Maybe the Texans are finally getting it. They played reaally well against the run. Of course, that was aided by the fact that K.C. is in dire need of a good quarterback. But even so, there were a lot of teams that got run over by L.J. last season. I’m just glad we got him early. And, it looks like we finally have a QB that can make smart decisions. And, Hook ‘Em!! Sorry, Cowtown Frogs! The strain was more than they could bear!!

  4. The Texans getting it??? Now thats funny!!! I agree they finally have a QB that can make smart decision!

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