Big Papi

A group of friends.. aka members of the “DallasCrew” were having a discussion about this sametime last year.. about who was “Mr Clutch” in baseball.. You know who would you want at the plate for you, when the game is on the line? 2 of us.. being Rob and myself said David Ortiz.. He is money.. How many games have you seen Big Papi come up, and just crank a homerun, or get a hit to drive in the winning run?? Kelly’s vote for “Mr Clutch” was Michael Young.. Rangers shortstop.. While a solid player.. and at the time of the discussion could have been a consideration.. over the long haul.. its got to go to Big Papi.. What do you guys thing.. Who is “Mr Clutch”??,  but this time.. We add in Basketball and Football to the discussion! Also the player HAS TO STILL BE PLAYING!

My picks would be

Football Tom Brady

Baseball David “Big Papi” Ortiz

Basketball, and I really hate to say this as a Mavs fan.. D-Wade.. Hey that guy gets fouled more then anyone in the league.. 5 seconds left in the game.. let him drive the lane.. collect his buck +1  nuff said!

Big Papi


4 Responses


    “Sports. an extremely important or crucial moment of a game”
    MLB: David Ortiz

    “dependable in crucial situations”
    PGA: Tiger

    “any critical position or situation; emergency”
    NBA: Bad Officiating

    “Slang. to become tense with fright; panic: ”
    NFL: Rex Grossman

    “a tight grip or hold.”
    NHL: The NHL Clutches TV Ratings well below Regular Season Division 2A womens softball

    “Slang. to spellbind; grip a person’s emotions, attention, or interest”
    Ick’s Web Links:
    really, link some different sources!,,,,,,,, etc
    (sorry, couldn’t resist! but seriously>

  2. sorry, forgot 1

    “to grip or hold tightly or firmly”
    MLS: “David Beckam clutches his injury prone leg”

  3. Ah.. have to love Rob’s insight!!

  4. You know I just noticed something.. You put NHL on the requested sport sites? Im shocked!!! Per your request I added some more sports links 🙂

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