A Lil’ Eye Candy, LOL

A lil video to show off the New Dallas Stars Ice Girls for the 07-08 season. So whatcha think? Not to shabby eh. 😉


6 Responses

  1. I didn’t think you could fit that many horses on a boat.

    Some serious horse face goin’ on there. It’s like they are interviewing Mr. Ed in a bikini.

    Disclaimer: there might have been some non-offenders, but I almost spewed Kelly’s leftover Arby’s all over my keyboard after looking at the 1st few.

  2. *Disclaimer* This is hockey related.. So we all know I did not post it. Also I have not seen said horseface.. so I will reserve comments until I have further investigated above YouTube post 🙂

  3. I did in fact have the sound off… thereby limiting my unyielding nhl hatred prejudice on my judging of the females. maybe just knowing they were, in some way, employed by the nhl had something to do with my dubbing them “horse face hoes.”

    My 1st thought after I closed the video was “They must have hired these girls from a REALLY dark strip club… body/hair looks good; then ya get up close… but at that point you’ve already lost your dollar, just sit through the dance and get back to your beer asap” (yes, i am a terrible person in real life)

    i guess they’d still look good from my pre-lockout 42$/game stars season tickets in section 304 row EE seats 3 & 4. yet at the same time, the lumbering horse face with shovel on skates might shock the opposing goalie enough to throw him off his game.

    as a side note, i now am without hockey completely… i didn’t initially realize by cutting my sattelite that i was cutting off cstv for my ncaa hockey games. i do miss me some ncaa hockey. i’ll miss it about $2.14/month, not the $62.00/month it would require to keep it though…
    so $0.00/Month OTA HD > $59.86/Month Cable-Satellite…
    one of these days i’ll put values on all the programs i miss.

  4. They just ain’t the Cowboys Cheerleaders, are they?

  5. dude, this years cowboys chearleaders ain’t so hot themselves… at least the close up going to commercial ones weren’t… wasn’t just me either, stephanie said it before i even could! (the outfit is greatness though… hard for a guy not to like that)

    ya want real chearleaders, watch a usc game… they must have genetically altered them by transplanting/converting their IQ to good looks.
    if that syntax isn’t correct, direct link: http://www.snopes.com/photos/sports/graphics/rosebowl_small.jpg

    That never gets old, if it does, then go here and it’ll be brand new again:

  6. ha ha ha, i’m set to being moderated again after my follow up on the horse faces…

    feel free to delete this post, i’m just laughing about it.

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