Did You Know?


So Im sitting here with the wife, watching t.v. and a commercial comes on for a Betty Crocker “Warm Delights”. I didn’t know this before tonight.. Chocolate is the “Eighth Wonder of The World”?? Here I was thinking it was the AstroDome in Houston.. Where I spent many a day watching either the Astors, or The Oilers.. Back in the “Luv Ya Blue” days.. So after a “debate” with the wife.. I decided to go look up the Astrodome, and take a stroll down memory lane.. Enjoy!



3 Responses

  1. Chocolate is in a category of its own… but I admit, the astrodome looks pretty cool in that pic 🙂

  2. Even when you get peanut shells in your eye!!

  3. See, why you gotta be bringin up the past!!!

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