Picture In Picture Is A Gift!

So I knew Roger Clemens was pitching tomorrow night in Boston.. Well because I wrote post on it.. However I did not realize he would be facing Curt Schilling.. A battle of legends if you will.. so you ask whats the problem? Glad you asked.. Problem is the Yankees, Red Sox game starts at 8.. Meanwhile The Chargers/Patriots game will be going on.. *sigh* First love being football.. Ill have to throw the baseball game in a P.I.P window.. Im kinda torn on this one.. One hand I want Clemens to do well.. cause he is my favorite pitcher.. next to Nolan Ryan.. Flip side of that coin.. I do not want the Yankees to make the post season.. Why couldnt it be Mussina getting the start tomorrow.. Then I could wish failure on the Yankees, and not feel bad!


2 Responses

  1. Uh, Houston, we may have a football team….finally!!

  2. *shakes head* 2 wins .. and the city is planning a Superbowl parade.. Hey dad make sure they make a right on Lamar! 😉

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