*Scratches Head*


Ok, lets face it.. For the third week in a row.. The Longhorns played really sloppy on both sides of the ball, and were lucky to get out of Florida with a win.  The last three weeks, Texas should have blown out opposing teams. Instead, Texas allows Arkansa State to hang around.. Week 2 against TCU.. there was no real seperation until the 3rd quarter. Today, Up by 10 going into halftime?? Poor tackleing, and poor execution allow UCF to get back into the game. Jamal Charles comes out does what he does best.. and gives us what should have been some breathing room.. NOOOOOO! Mack Brown, while a genius most days.. makes a bone head call, and decides to go for the 2 point conversion.. which was DENIED! I would like to think that after UCF goes down the field, scores a touchdown.. and the 2 point conversion with 35 seconds left.. and down by 3.. Mack was thinking to himself “Hmm maybe the point after was the better option”! If Texas does not get a whole lot better in the next few weeks.. OU is going to come to the Cotton Bowl.. and kick the living crap out of Texas. While Texas has been squeaking out the wins.. OU has been doing what they are supposed to do, BLOWING out the lesser teams.. I can honestly say.. Im worried about the state of the Longhorns right now! *Side Note*  If you watched the game you know what Im talking about.. Did anyone else pick up on what the announce team was trying to spin into a “feel good” story? UCF just moved into their new stadium, how great would it be for this UCF team to pull off the upset over a nationally ranked team.. blah blah blah! Had it not been for the fact I finally won the battle with hooking up my surround sound to my new tv.. I would have muted the tv at halftime! I realize that every underdog dreams of the upset.. but please refrain from drilling it into our heads!



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  1. “If Texas does not get a whole lot better in the next few weeks.. OU is going to come to the Cotton Bowl.. and kick the living crap out of Texas.”

    Texas is gonna get the crap kicked out of them. This is gonna be a laugher of immense proportions. I wonder what the vegas line is gonna be, but unless its Texas+24, I wouldn’t even think about betting on them. Mack’s gameplan is terrible at best. Its like he’s still designing his offense around Vince Young… no, seriously!

    OU looks like a national championship contender, Texas looks terrible. End of Line.

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