2 in a row??


Can anyone tell me what the hell is going on 250 miles south of Dallas?  The Texans win their second game in a row? I knew the addition of Matt Schaub, was going to be a step in the right direction.. WOW!  What a diffrence he seems to be making down there.. Anyone think its irionic that the Texans win, with Carr on the opposite sideline.. Now reduced to a back up quaterback?? There are 9 teams in the NFL that are 2-0.. and the Texans are one of them.. who would have ever thought? 

Houston Texans

2 Responses

  1. I’m as shocked as your are bro. I never saw this coming. They looked impressive against the Chiefs. They play the Colts next week though.

  2. You know.. I really hope the Colts game plan for this game.. If they go in looking at this as a gimme game.. they could be in for a shock.. Not to sound like a “feel good” story.. But can you imagine what it would mean to this franchise.. to beat the Colts.. Fans in Houston would riot in celebration..

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