Tank Wearing a Star?


I would be left to assume that since T.O. is working out in Dallas.. Jerry Jones figures why not give Tank Johnson a chance in Dallas.  The Cowboys have brought Tank in for a physical.. and it is expected, assuming nothing shows up on his physical.. that Dallas will sign him.. Its being reported in Chicago that the Cowboys want to sign him this week.. so he can help them with inside information about Chicago’s defense. Paranoid are we?? You can learn more about Chicago’s defense by watching game film, then you can by a player.. that did not even call defensive plays.. Add in the fact that Tank was cut before training camp this season.. Come on Bears fan.. put away your conspiracy theories.. Chicago fans need to be worried about things like “Which Rex Grossman is going to show up this week” As far as the signing of Tank Johnson.. Im still on the fence.. Hopefully his contract will be structured similar to T.O.’s.. year to year! One thing that does not show up in Tank’s stats.. are the number of times cops have visited his house since entering the league.. 30 times? *shakes head* This is either going to be a genius signing, or a destructive signing..

Tank Johnson


4 Responses

  1. bring him on! he is already the best defensive line player the ‘boys have.

    “but wait!! what about the children?!? he’ll be a bad role model for our children!” ya know what i say to those people? FUCK OFF!!! what kid looks up to a 340lbs fat man anyways?

    i’m sick of shitty people casting judgements on other people. (Hypocritically) I’ll say hes not Vick (intentional dog killer), Pacman (left a guy paralized for life), or Leornard Little (KILLED PEOPLE DRINKING AND DRIVING, THEN GOT BUSTED DRINKING AND DRIVING AGAIN! hes the real shithead of the league)… hell hes better than Larry Johnson (wife beater)!

    He had a huge gun violation sure, but welcome to Texas! we love our automatic burst-fire assault rifles.

    “But what about the drinking and driving?” Charges dismissed for 1… #2) wasn’t even legally… drunk… #3) if you take even 2 sips of a drink, and get tested within 20 minutes you’ll blow a higher amount.

    in closing, quit bitching and go back to cheering for Micheal Irvin, Nate Newton, Rafiel Palmero, Ed Belfour, Frankie Fransisco, Barry Switzer, Dwayne Goodrich, and anyone on this list:
    NFL list of arrests: http://www.tennessean.com/assets/pdf/DN7239256.PDF
    you love all those people!

    (i’m having trouble thinking of any mavericks that have issues since mark cuban took over)

  2. Wow.. Rob tell me how you really feel.. Im not bitching about the signing.. I think it might actually work out, Hell T.O. worked.. you know my opinion on athletes being role models.. My only problem with this.. is the fact that if he has not changed his ways.. from being suspended.. it could be a long season in the media.. and what image the Cowboys would get out of all this.. you remember when Irvin was in trouble all the time.. I will not place Tank in the same company as Vick or Pacman.. but he does bring the threat of off field issues.. I know all players have that threat.. no matter who you are.. but his threat is greater, because of his past record… If his contract is structured like T.O.’s then I think the chances of him getting into trouble would be greatly reduced!

  3. i was reffering to the “royal you.” (i.e. not you). just keep hearing the psuedo-outrage from people that cheer wife beaters because they help their fantasy football team, want to sell advertisements, or because they wear a different jersey than their own favorite team…

    all seems forgiven if they are good players for their team…. you did see the new england fans cheer bilecheck after he cheated? Micheal Irvin getting a standing ovation after coming back from suspension?

  4. I did see Bilecheck getting cheered when he was leaving the field.. Hey I guess as long as your winning.. it doesnt matter… I wonder whatelse Goodell is going to find out when the Patriots turn over all the stuff he has asked for.. Did you see McNabb say he thought the Eagles should get their ring back?? ROFLMAO!!

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