bringing back “the roy”

dallas showed something last game in their defense… good time to experiment new schemes against anemic offenses.  i’ll call it the nickel/dime hybrid.
basically the nickel/dime hybrid is a traditional nickel defense.  4 down linemen, 2 linebackers, 3 corners, 2 safeties… very simplified, think of it as 6 in the box with 5 pass defending specialists.  compare that to a dime defense is 4 down linemen, 1 linebacker, 4 corners, 2 safeties (5 in the box, 6 pass defending specialists).  the hybrid comes in when they replace one of the linebackers on the traditional nickel with “the roy.”

roy williams is moved to linebacker.  roy’s vacated strong safety spot is occupied by ken hamlin, and center field type nfl sophomore pat watkins is brought into the free safety spot.  the effect is roy williams either rushing the passer or zone coverage in the short middle.  this limits roy to cover shallow crossing routes (knock out spots), jump a dump off route, and supporting against the run… essentially only the stuff roy does well.

i’d guess in this unblitzed base he’ll be in a pure shallow center zone… i’d also guess wade phillups will blitz this defense with a slot corner or 1 of the linebackers over 50% of the time.  in the event there is a blitz, roy may be matched up on either the tight end or running back (depending on offensive formation).  when roy is matched up against a tight end: theoretically he should have help over the top from one of the safeties if he’s covering a tight end seam route, so the tight end’s best option is the out route against a man’d up roy.  if he’s covering a running back, well i can’t really blanket judge this… against say cedric benson, the all should be fine… against a brian westbrook type watch out…. an alternative option for these teams would be a zone blitz… i won’t even try to guess at how that would work, and how many variations that would have.


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  1. *shakes head* and you wonder why I wanted you to write on the blog! 😉

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