McNabb Plays Race Card


Seems Donovan McNabb feels being an African American quarterback means he is being judged more then a white quarterback.. Does that make any sense?? Here I was thinking it was your performance on the field that was being judged!  He later went on to mention that he was even more judged then Peyton Manning.. I seriously doubt that.. Every sports reporter expect perfection from Peyton Manning..  You know I wonder if McNabb will play the race card, if he is benched mid season.. and Kevin Kolb is brought in as the starter.. Remember Kolb had an impressive training camp.. what would McNabb say then?? Lets face it.. McNabb has started every season since the Superbowl season, on the hot seat.. That’s not because your black.. its because your fans and your team expect you to step up..  If your going to be average.. be average.. if your going to be elite.. be elite.. but be consistant! Starting 0-2 is not helping McNabbs keep the starter job either.. I fully expect if McNabb does not figure it out.. We will be seeing Kolb at some point this season..



6 Responses

  1. racism exists. hes correct in saying black qbs get more scrutinized than white qbs… remember when we were at shuck n jive drunk cowboys talking and some random dude said that “that n– quincy carter can’t play”?

    on the flip side, he’s saying it to defend his poor play right now. he could be neon gray and i’d still say hes playing poorly. (i would chalk it up to bad receivers and still playing at 75% health). you never heard him say that when he was tearing it up.

  2. Oh I agree racism exists.. I just dont agree with what he is saying.. I do remember that night at the shuck.. while the way the random guy said it.. he was right Quincy couldnt play.. lol. I also agree with you when saying he is using that to defend the way he is playing right now..

  3. Anybody remember Warren Moon whining?

  4. Warren Moon’s opinion went out the window with me.. when he started beating on his wife..

  5. But did he whine about being black? 🙂

  6. No.. he prolly should because back when Moon played.. Black QB’s were few.. Actually I can only think of 2 off the top of my head.. and Moon being one of them..

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