Week 3 Theoretical Bets.

Place Theoretical Bets on these games. Just for fun, no $ involved. Just see how hard it is to gamble on the NFL… I’ll place my picks in the comments, to give ya guys an unbiased 1st guess.

Favorite   / Line /     O/U /   Underdog
at Baltimore    8    35    Arizona
Carolina    3 1/2    36 1/2    at Atlanta
at Chicago    3    42    Dallas
at Denver  3    35 1/2    Jacksonville
Indianapolis     6    47 1/2    at Houston
at Kansas City     3    33    Minnesota
at New England     16 1/2    42    Buffalo
at NY Jets   3    35 1/2    Miami
at Oakland   3    40 1/2    Cleveland
at Philadelphia    6    44    Detroit
at Pittsburgh    9    38    San Francisco
San Diego  5    43 1/2    at Green Bay
at Seattle   3 1/2    50 1/2    Cincinnati
at Tampa Bay    3 1/2    38    St. Louis
at Washington  3 1/2    40 1/2    NY Giants

Monday, Sep 24
Favorite    Today    O/U    Underdog
at New Orleans    4    45 1/2    Tennessee
Source: http://sports.yahoo.com/nfl/odds


6 Responses

  1. I’ll take:

    100$s Washington -3.5 over NYG (Giants are terrible)
    100$s Jets -3 over Miami (too easy)
    100$s San Diego -5 over GB (SD too good, not sold on GB)

    50$s St. Louis +3.5 over TB (they are getting points?)
    50$s Chicago vs Dallas OVER 42 (Dallas puts up points, Chicago will also this week)
    50$s Chicago -3 over Dallas (not in chicago… won’t be the end of the world)
    50$s Tennessee +4 over New Orleans (Tenn running game too good)
    50$s Cinci at Seattle UNDER 50.5 (freakishly high over)

  2. Im glad you did this.. I was gonna ask you to take care of the betting side of the picks

  3. i didn’t think through last week’s very well last week.

    i was -50$s… if i were actually betting i would have taken my $ off new orleans (trap game)… exactly what it was.

    of interesting notes this week:
    Vegas experts think Dallas and Chicago are considered a pick’em on a neutral field… vegas gives 3 points to the home team (determined to statistical data compiled from years and trends). Vegas would make Dallas the favorite by 3 if they were playing on their home field.

  4. Give me a 100 Dollar 5 team Parlay

    Bears – 3 1/2
    Steelers -9
    Minnesota +3
    Colts -6
    Philly/Detroit Give me the under

  5. didn’t mean to finish that last comment, so to continue on notes:

    vegas really likes green bay.
    vegas really DOESN’T like the jets
    houston is getting a lot of respect (not gonna touch that game, although my gut says indy in a laugher to put houston back in their place… now i’m thinking i should put 50$ on indy…)
    either they don’t see arizona’s massive o-line improvement, or they just love baltimore this week (still not gonna touch it… save that info for another day)
    is tampa getting love or is st louis that bad? vegas knew something the general public didn’t when they put that trap line against the saints last week. am i missing something? really….

    $50 Indy -6 over Houston
    EDIT: I am removing this bet from my list, just too much of a trap game in a divisional matchup

  6. Baltimore 8 35 Arizona ($50/Arizona +8)
    Chicago 3 42 Dallas ($100 Dallas +3)
    Indianapolis 6 47 1/2 at Houston ($100 Indy -6)
    New England 16 1/2 42 Buffalo ($100 over 42)
    Philadelphia 6 44 Detroit ($50 Detroit +6)
    San Diego 5 43 1/2 at Green Bay $100 Green Bay +5)
    Washington 3 1/2 40 1/2 NY Giants ($50 under 40 1/2)
    New Orleans 4 45 1/2 Tennessee ($100 Tenn +4)

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