T.O. 5th Captain…


You know.. Im still not T.O.’s number one fan.. but I can appreciate the effort he has put in since he has been with the Cowboys.. Yes there were some distractions last year with the “Team T.O.” stunt in training camp last year.. and who could forget the “Attempted Suicide” *shakes head*.. This year.. T.O. has been a model citizen.. I think it has alot to do with Wade Philips addressing him.. first and formost by his name.. and not refering to him as “the player” like Bill Parcels last year.. Philips also stroked T.O.’s ego by making it known that T.O. will be getting the ball more in this new and improved offense. Love him, or hate him.. you have to respect what he has done in his career.


2 Responses

  1. T.O. is gonna become a problem after this year. He’ll have only 1 year remaining on his contract… money has always been the thing that sets him off.

    in san fran, when he was payed like shit… there was problems
    in philly, once his base salary dropped threw the floor, he went out of his way to make life hell.

    his current salary is 8 million this year, 7 million for the final year of his contract… his agent is gonna try to parlay that 7 million into another 3 or 4 year deal at more $ than he’s getting currently. thats gonna cause serious problems.

  2. If T.O. shows Jerry that he still deserves to be paid elite money.. then I think Jones will have no problem giving him a 3 year deal at most.. just based off his age..

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