dallas in a route over the bears

rapid review stylin’

dallas defense against chicago’s offense

  • rex grossman is that terrible.  i won’t even try to defend him anymore in any aspect of the game.  how was dallas going to cover the deep ball?  well the cowboys coaching staff decided to let them have anything under 12 yards and waited for him to mess up.  this allowed them to keep 7 in the box.
  • that 7 in the box allowed the cowboys to keep a seemingly terrible benson in check.
  •  the dallas nickel/dime hybrid is really shaping up to be quite a formatable formation.
  • anthony henry follows up last game with another solid preformance
  • i can’t wait for newman to get back!

dallas offense against the bears defense

  •  the offensive line played wonderfully… i should go to dictionary.com to look up a synonym but i’m too lazy.  i’ll take flozel’s 20 yards in penalties to keep romo upright.
  • the offensive line’s greatness allowed the coaching staff to see the 8 in the box for 2 series, adjust to go full out passing attack.  after 4ish series of romo going nuts, it forced the bears into a 7 man box.
  • as a side effect of this pass happy offense, the bears defensive line was worn down and slowed down.  it takes much more effort for a defensive linemen to try to sprint through a 350 lbs lineman than hold a block against a run… this took its toll on the whole bears defense.
  • once the 7 in the box was back into effect, they moved archelleta out of position and brought the run game back in…. game over.
  • mb3 can have my man babies.
  • t.o. is still my dickhead hero.
  • romo is a jedi
  • i am drunk and happy.  i wasn’t expecting that.
  • i hope the bears get their injured players back soon… briggs, vasher and harris are always a joy to watch play… its always lame when good players (even on the opposition) go down.  replace grossman and we’ll see ya back in the playoffs… should be a fun rematch.

3 Responses

  1. My take on the game..

    -The game has not slowed down for Grossman yet..
    -Romo is Luke Skywalker!!
    -Witten is my favorite white boy!
    -T.O. is my dickhead hero also, and said all the right things in his press confrence
    -Flozell “False start” Adams can stay.. if he can keep Romo upright
    -Patrick Crayton stinks
    -Sam Hurd wins “best hit award”
    -Give Henry a new contract
    -Roy still can’t tackle
    -Jason Garrett is a genius
    -Our Offensive line impressed the hell outta me
    -Our Defense actually looked like it has some promise

  2. two comments:
    1.) I believe Newman actually did play in this game.
    Monday Notes: Newman’s Presence Felt Against Bears – DallasCowboys.com

    2.) Romo is a JEDI?!!?

  3. 1) yes, he did play, but not much… and he’s at 75% (tops)… reeves got the majority of the playing time

    2) yes

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