NFL gets in Roy Williams Pocket


Answer me this.. If you have a rule named after you.. Why would you continue to do it? Roy Williams was fined $12,500 for his “horse-collar” tackle on Desmond Clark in last weeks game against Chicago… This marks the SECOND time in two seasons that he has been fined for his own rule!  The picture above is a classic horse-collar tackle.. Roy broke T.O.’s leg with this tackle a few seasons back.. I wonder if Roy told T.O. when he was signed by the Cowboys.. “If you step outta line.. Ill snap your leg like a twig again”!!!

Roys Fine


3 Responses

  1. Perhaps he’s a slow learner? He did come from O.U., remember?

  2. Well if you think about Roy is only keeping his legacy of breaking bones alive. After Emmitt Smith no running back wanted to be speared ala Goldberg style. After TO none want to be dragged down from behind. So the very smart players as you all can see have leared from this. They are running very fast past him and catching the ball 10-15 yards past him so he can’t catch them. Only the dumb coaches are throwing it short and letting him get a free shot at their players.

    Coaches of the NFL, in order to preserve the bones of your players, send them deep like Santana Moss on MNF last year and they will be safe until the next match up.

  3. I dont think players are running past Roy to avoid getting hurt.. Roy does not cover at all!

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