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Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

well boys its that time. rosters have been trimmed, sticks taped, pucks frozen. LETS PLAY HOCKEY !!!! its offically begun with two games played in london. fourtunatley it was a big success as the two teams Ducks vs. Kings split the decsions going one and one on their back to back games. as for the rest of the nhl opening day is Wed. Oct. 3. for those of you have cable it should be a great night. Versus the cable channel will be airing specials all day along with a double header. thats right fellas you know me and the boys (well most of my boys, no offense to Sir Rob, LOL) will be getting our beers shugged and the smack talking under way. Be prepared Baloo its gonna get noisy. as with the football i am putting up as a vote now, would you like to call your picks for nightly games and see who has the NHL jedi mind meld. if so, i will post the games daily so we can do so. it might not work with all the games the NHL has, but hey what the hell. so pull out your armchairs, grab your jerseys, put on your face paint, grab a cold one and lets get ready for the COOLEST game on earth, literally. lol.


3 Responses

  1. Let me ponder on that idea!

  2. This would be an interesting idea if maybe there were prizes involved. But that being said, I’m not sure I want anything an Ick has. HMM??

  3. damn a beaner not wanting something, you sure your a true beaner, LOL

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