my yearly nhl post, them i’m done

ok, i get to bitch once… them i’m done for the immediate future unless the nhl does something else to screw their fans.

at one time i was a huge nhl fan. i spent thousands of dollars a year on the nhl… thats a good chunk of change from a lower middle class drunk like myself. it was a greater sum than i payed in taxes in fact.

then the nhl became the only professional sport in history to ever cancel a season due to labor compensation disputes. the only thing the fans received to date out of this lockout is lies and public relations spin. lets get one thing straight, the nhl owners and players association have NEVER said they shouldn’t have canceled a season. the players are sorry they got shafted in the new labor contract… the owners aren’t sorry at all… evidence below:

i am one ex-hardcore-fan of the nhl. while i watched hockey damn near every night from any televised team, watched every playoff game even if my team was eliminated, watched every single stars game of the season on TV (if i wasn’t actually at the game as a ticket buying fan)… now? i wish failure. i haven’t seen 10 minutes of that joke of a league since its return. i have turned down free tickets and free beer just to get me to go to a game.

want to know how betrayed i feel by this joke of a league? my father and i bonded going to the stars since they came to dallas. that was the only thing we ever did father-son type on a regular basis. now we don’t even do that. he begged me to go with him until he got the point it wasn’t happening. i would eat a dinner of steaming shit to spend some quality time with him, but i won’t go to an nhl game.

what can the nhl do to get me back?

  1. Players and Owners both officially apologize for canceling a season without defending it… not the owners’ “we’re sorry but we had to do it”… not the players “we’re sorry but the owners wouldn’t negotiate in good faith”. those are not an apologies! that is justifying yourself and adding a hollow sorry.
  2. Fire anyone responsible for allowing this to happen. start with Gary Bettman and the rest should sort itself out. don’t have him resign, leave his post, lay him off, reassign him, insert any consultant-speak term… FIRE HIM!
  3. Make just 1 decision to do some good for the game, even if it means less short term revenue. Retraction? that would help the quality of the product. Wider ice size? you bet ya, but would remove several hundred tickets. Move more teams to Canada? that would be great for the fans of the game regardless of nationality, but canadian teams generate around 15% less revenue than even terribly attended franchises in the united states. JUST DO 1 THING TO IMPROVE THE SPORT NOT BASED ON THE BOTTOM LINE!!! (and before someone thinks that those rule changes were to help the sport, remember they had drawn those up 3 years beforehand, but held the changes out as a marketing tool for after the inevitable lockout ended!)

ok, i’ll shut up until next year… i’ve had my rant.


3 Responses

  1. If it wasn’t for the lockout I never would have been able to get tickets when I moved to Dallas. I love the Stars and spent a little bit of my money myself but everything is over priced. I will watch a game on TV now and then when they are televised outside of Dallas but it’s not the same as being there.

    I believe because of the lock out the base may have gotten weaker with hardcore fans but picked up a large number of casual fans.

    I just want to thank Elvis and Demon for making me the hockey loving bastard that I am now. Go from watching the Stars to a bunch of guys who more than likely will never have a shot to play for money doing it for the fun. It’s great to see the rec league guys because they suck as all get out but they make one move, one deke, one on the head puck stop and it gives a smile that everyone can remember for years to come because they have passion.

    THAT is great to see!

  2. I still love hockey the sport… I hate the nhl, the league

    college hockey rules… i started watching college hockey when the lockout started. at that time i was going to completely forgive the nhl when they came back (for that season)… it wasn’t until they actually cancelled the season that i gave up on that league. in other words, i didn’t have a harsh feelings towards the nhl.

    anyways, i found myself enjoying ncaa hockey much more than the nhl, even without a rooting interest. i highly suggest you turn on espnu, cstv or whatever else it is shown on. unbiased opinion: college hockey > nhl.

    so yeah… thumbs up to rec league, youth league, ncaa, etc… fuck the nhl. in fact, i wish i could afford to play in a rec league… just too pricey.

  3. Having never been a huge Hockey fan, I don’t share you guys same passion for the sport.. Looking at the lock out as a whole.. It stunk.. and did more damage then the league is willing to accept.. I believe that the lock out and the loss of fans, is what prompted the league to change some of the rules.. to make the game faster.. to draw a new crowd of fans.. I agree with Rob.. the owners and players need to come out and say were sorry.. and thats it.. We dont want to hear any reasons, just say your sorry.. BTW Steve.. buying beer at the game.. does not help the revenue of your favorite Hockey team!! Remember that when your saying that you spent alittle bit of money.. Your tickets for the most part were free!!! LOL

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