New Picture

I have updated my picture.. Don’t get me wrong, I love the picture from the tour of me on the star.. But since I have brought in some of the best writers and advisers for the blog.. They deserve to be seen as well so I present to you.. The writers of Ick’s Corner..

Left to Right..

Rob aka Liver Damage <writer>

Pat aka Demon <adviser/part of the Dallas Stars Organization>

Elvis aka Hockey Guru<writer>

Jason aka Baloo/Ick <writer and creator>


11 Responses

  1. Yeah yeah…..ya all are young. Big damn deal! LOL

  2. hey dont hate, appreciate. cmon you old broad show the love. LOL
    you are lucky you get to be surrounded by such greatness. LMAO

  3. *golf clap*

  4. I liked the old picture better. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying the new pic is bad, but it’s just not as cool. The old one was classic!

    Speaking of which, I have a much higher rez version of that picture on my computer if you want it……

  5. Kelly if you could email me the higher rez picture.. that would be great.. As I said I love the old picture.. but I like this one too 🙂

  6. from left to right i can’t tell who the man is in the picture, lol. :p

  7. The fact that “the shocker” is in that picture…that’s pretty classic.

  8. the guy on the left has some severe problems… in the pants…

  9. Thanks Emmett.. It was brought that certain people think the picture of me on the star looks better.. and more professional.. I like them both! lol

  10. fuck professional, my picture will flat out get people to stop coming to the site, OLD PICTURE POR FAVOR!

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