Opening Night !!!!!

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Well opening day is in the books, some teams looked good but it seemed alot were maybe at best at a par level. Teams will be getting better with more play and lines begin to gel. On a side note Ottawa inks Dany Heatley to a 6 yr deal at a 45 million salary. This is good for both player and club, since Heatlys’ trade a few seasons back he has started to show signs of the player he was dubbed to be. Enough of that, lets talk about why I say teams will be getting better, of the 4 games debuting last night 3 went into overtime. Montreal downs the Hurricanes 3-2 in OT, Ottawa needed OT to top the Maple Leafs 4-3, then the Red Wings actually had to force a shootout with the defending cup champs Ducks ( this game was so lopsided the ducks got lucky they got to the shootout. Since shots on goal were wack, Ducks made 15 shots on Hasek, while Red Wings pummeled Bryzgalov with 42 shots on net) but the Wings prevailed in the shootout to get the win. The last game of the night was Avs against the Stars, Avs burned the Stars with the only regulation win, winning 4-3. I was a lil upset by my Stars as my D-men took 2 periods before they decided to show up and play. I will tip my hat to one of the young guns I told everyone to watchout for in Colorado, Mr. Paul Statsny. Statsny opened with a bang last night scoring the 1st hat trick of the NHL season, and it was a natural hat trick to boot. Dont get me wrong I still hate any team that beats my Stars but it was the right result by my judgement of play I saw on the ice last night.


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