Wanna Get Mile-High??


 Travis Henry tests positive for marijuana?? I’M SHOCKED!!!! I guess NO ONE in sports has learned a damn thing from what Michael Vick has gone thru.. Ok get caught you hard headed sons a bitches!! Then when you do.. Please don’t act like your sorry, because your not.. Don’t say you found Jesus, because you didn’t.. Please don’t waste my time as a fan!!! Its crystal clear what you can and can’t do in that little thing called a CONTRACT you signed to play whatever sport you play! Smack, Coke, Crack, Weed, Roids, its all covered.. they are not going to invent a new drug that won’t be covered under the “ILLEGAL OR CONTROLLED SUBSTANCE” clause in your contract!! WAKE THE F**K up people!! 

*Shakes Head*  ATTENTION PRO ATHLETES  If you get high on some sort of drug, fight dogs, or do anything else stupid that could jeopardize your multi-million dollar contract.. STOP! ALTO! DO NOT PASS GO, because if caught YOU WILL NOT COLLECT YOUR MILLIONS!  Think about it like this.. When you retire.. you can buy all the DRUGS you want, and do all the stupid things you want to do.. How much of your habit could you supply with MILLIONS OF DOLLARS??  Make your money first! Be stupid later!! Trust me guys.. your drugs will still be around when you retire..

*sidenote* Hope Travis Henry does not loose too much money.. He is the Shawn Kemp of football.. and has 9 child support checks to cut each month!!!

Travis Gets High


8 Responses

  1. Hell there will probably some new fad drug out there when retirement comes. Instead of “Strawberry Quik” and “cheese”, we’ll have “Choco-late Yoohoo” and “Velveeta”! Think about how much Yoohoo one could buy with $$ millions $$?!

  2. he’s keepin it real

  3. He’s keepin it something alright!! He however can not have the Janakowsky claim of being the only one at his position to have “street cred”

  4. Son of a bitch! I’ve got that fucker on 4 teams this year.

  5. That makes 2 of us.. I have him on 2 of my teams!!!

  6. have some bill simmons greatness!

    “(Random question on the Travis Henry thing: I thought pot killed sperm cells? How many kids would this guy have sired if he wasn’t a fan of the Mary Jane? Twenty? Thirty? And did you ever think the same person could potentially shatter Shawn Kemp’s fertility records and Ricky Williams’ drug test records? Put it this way: You are making a STRONG statement when you purchase a Henry jersey right now. You’re basically saying, “I love pot, I love sex, and your dad would have a heart attack if he knew I was dating you.”)”

  7. Ah the greatness of Bill Simmons!

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