What The…., Put The Buscuit In The Basket Will Ya !!!

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

I am dumb founded by some of the NHL clubs starting this season. Yeah I know its barely started but some of the powerhouses are looking terrible. Here’s a rundown of scores for Oct 4. This one came as no shocker as the NY Rangers showed their might in taming the Florida Panthers 5-2. Ottawa Senators continue winning in a pinch by plucking the Toronto Maple Leafs 3-2 as the big guns on both side of the ice showed what they had. Now comes the shockers in some of the teams, needless to say glad i didn’t bet on these games cause i would probably need a cardboard for a new home. Tampa Bay Lighting is a good club but to beat the New Jersey Devils and Martin Brodeur with a final 3-1 score i was left scratching my head. Then Colorado Avalanche looking great yesterday with their speed go down by shutout to the Nashville Predators with a final of 4-0, c’mon Avs where was that speed and passing. This next score was not a shocker it could have been one way or the other in my book by the clubs records. There was another shutout on this night as Minnesota Wild blank the Chicago Blackhawks 1-0. Many would have thought maybe Edmonton Oilers were gonna go down after losing Ryan Smyth last year but they showed heart and came out with a win against the powers that are the San Jose Sharks and doing so in a shootout. Oilers win over Sharks 3-2. Now another pair of teams that you could flip a coin and pick a winner goes to St. Louis Blues against the Phoenix Coyotes. It took two periods before both teams decided to play in the third but the Coyotes came out on top by one, beating the Blues 3-2. Last game of the night goes to Philadelphia Flyers and Calgary Flames. Another upset in the making, it just goes to show you may have the best team on paper, but come game day you have to finish to produce. Anyone who’s anyone would have picked the Flames to burn the Flyers. Well guess what folks, NOT !!!! Flyers distinguish the Flames by another 3-2 score. LOL, tell you right now some fantasy hockey teams out there are at a lost for words, trust me I know, cause I am doing the same thing on my end.


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