Penguins at Hurricanes

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WOW !!! Looks like the ‘Canes looked to make a statement that says “WE ARE BACK”. Last night ‘Canes fans I am sure felt uneasy as the Pens rolled into town along with their arsenal of weapons. Pens brought Crosby, Malkin, Staal, and older greats like Recchi to battle. Crosby sporting the new C captains patch really showed no emotions after getting the ugly stick beat down. Eric Staal of the Canes showed little brother Jordan Staal of the Pens exactly how you but the biscuit in the basket as he scored twice. Canes also got support from Ladd and Hamilton for the big Victory of 4-1. Mark Recchi was the only lone player on the Pens to register a goal. Fluery just looked like a sieve as Ward looked to clear his name after last season. Needless to say I chose the Pens in this game and I for all intent was blown away.


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