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While the game was closer then most, including myself thought it would be.. Before I say this.. I am a die hard Longhorns fan.. Mack your an idiot! You get out coached EVERY season when playing OU.. You can not continue to give up the 5-7 yard pass plays.. because guess what Eventually they will score! You also might want to figure out how to stop the run!! Colt.. Do us all a favor.. either live up to your hype.. or please take a seat on the bench! Is your dad a former NFL QB?? How the hell did you get the starting job?? Please don’t look like a genius in lesser games, and NUT UP when the big game comes around! At one point today I referred to Colt as a down syndrome child that should not be allowed on the field! I realize this team lost 10 starters last year, 5 on each side of the ball.. Ohio State lost several starters 2 years ago.. the following year.. went to the National Championship! I had really hoped that the fumbling problems left with Selvin Young.. News flash Jamal.. when running HOLD ON TO THE BALL with both hands, and don’t carry the ball high!!! Congrats to all the OU fans in my life.. Richie Rich, and Brandy for starters.. your team showed up to win.. and your coach showed up to show why he is one of the best in the game!! To the Longhorns, I leave you with this.. Your not going to get another Vince Young to come be your savior.. and WIN pretty much by himself..  2 Rosebowls, and 1 of them being the National Championship game.. Please learn how to play to your full potential.. and learn how to play as a team!!!


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  1. As I said earlier, it was never feasible to think Colt could carry the team like Vince. I can’t think of anyone close to that except TimTebow. I think that when you throw for 326 yards on 19 of 26 passes when your #1 receiver is always double covered, and your only interception is off a deflection, you’ve represented yourself quite well. My problem is with the coaching staff. The fact that OU blitzed a lot should have been no surprise. Maybe they should have gotten Chris Simms to warn them. Or even better, look at the game film from last week!! And, Mack and Co. – how about a little better clock management?!! Using all your time outs, as well as getting delay of game penalties needs to stop! Get the friggin’ play in sooner!! You’re a great recruiter, Mack, but if your coordinators don’t get on the ball, you won’t keep signing all the guys you really want, because they’ll watch the Horns falter due to bad coaching!! Wake up, dammit! And give your young defensive backs some help. They need it!

  2. P.S.
    Probably not many that read this are old enough to underdstand this next comment, but hey Jamaal…..look up some history on Steve Wooster. Maybe you should quit the habit!! You won’t fumble as much!!

  3. Lajitas..

    You brought up an interesting point yesterday when we were talking about the game.. You said its kinda hard to fault Colt when he goes out and throws for 300 yards.. Well is kinda hard not to throw for 300 yards when you can not establish a running game.. Texas Tech is a prime example of that!

  4. Yes, I must admit this has been a disappointing season. MOST OF ALL BECAUSE of SHITTY COACHING!!!!!!!!
    Come on Mack…what kind of dip-shit would run up the middle with Jamaal Charles all day long and keep Chris Ogbonnaya running on the ends all day? Come on Greg…what was that all about? You had the game WON several times and BLEW IT EVERY TIME WITH STUPID COACHING!!!!

    Colt is not a VINCE, but he is a great quarterback. He is smart and makes good decisions on the field…I think he is getting frustrated with a team that for some reason does not look like they want to PLAY AS A TEAM…I think this team wants a MAJOR play-maker to (like in the days of Vince) to carry the team and anyone who has EVER played football knows you have to play as a team…VINCE understood that and that is why he looked so good.

  5. I agree Dave.. I may have been alittle hard on Colt, when I wrote this.. I am not sold on him thou.. I agree that he can be a smart QB.. and he does make good decisions.. but its also hard to watch him struggle when you hear all the hype about him from the media.. The loss of Sweed is really gonna hurt this team for the rest of the season! Thanks for the comment 🙂

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