What A Stupid Move !!!!


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Ok guys this write up  is on the Dallas Stars versus Nashville Predators game last night. Of all at the games played last night there were only some that had me speechless, this game in particular. Mr Tippet not only were we on the road but it was in Nashville, a STRONG team after last year and one that on its opening day downed the Colorado Avs just as bad as they did us tonight. So my one question is WHY IN THE HELL DID YOU START MIKE SMITH IN NET ???? Yes I am a huge Smitty fan, but this was a team way to lethal and Mike just did not look ready in net from what i saw. Now our Stars did play great hockey, we just couldn’t get the end result. Nashville came out guns a blazing last night, we did score to prevent a shutout fine, but WHY IN THE HELL????After being down 3-1 with under two minutes of play left in the game, I would have done the same and pulled the goalie for the empty net. Wise move but the Preds scored on us with the empty netter, ok its now 4-1. here’s what i don’t understand, Now there’s less than a minute, LESS THAN ONE WHOLE FREAKING MINUTE. Why is our net empty again. What kinda crap were you drinking and if you wouldn’t mind pass some my way. We couldn’t score 3 goals that quick. 3-1 was fine,but they got the empty net so 4-1 ok i can live with, no that’s not ok for you I assumed. The Preds score a second empty netter and win 5-1, this made us look like fools. This was too big of a game to bring Smitty into, I realize Turco played last night, but having him in net would have been the right move. Turco would have had plenty of time to rest since our next game is not until Wednesday going against the LA Kings. Tippet I praise you as a coach but on this day I have to sit in wonderment and just pray you have learned from this mistake, as this coaching move made you look like you went to the “Mack Brown School of Coaching”. (no offense Longhorns)

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  1. I was at the game. Smith was in the net for Legwand’s hat-trick goal (the 5th goal).

    Sorry … but you’re off on this one …

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