Conduct Unbecoming!!


What in the hell has happened to sports today?? Trent Green down on the field, motionless.. and all Travis Johnson can do is point and taunt him.. Green later had to be taken off the field on a stretcher, after suffering another concussion.. This was completely unnecessary.. not to mention stomach turning.. Green did hit Johnson low, at the knees.. but he did not deserve this.. When interviewed after the game.. Johnson had this to say..

“The bottom line is, it was a malicious hit. It was uncalled for,” Johnson said. “He’s like the scarecrow. He wants to get courage while I wasn’t looking, and hit me in my knee instead of trying to hit me in my head. God don’t like ugly, you know what I mean?

“My knee ain’t never hurt like it hurt today,” Johnson said. “If you want to hit me, hit me in my head, hit me in my chest, don’t hit me in my knee. I’m trying to eat just like everybody else. So, to hit me like that, that showed me what type of man he was.”

Awful nice of the reporters to leave out the.. “At 12:01 I had respect for Trent Green, but at 12:20, I was like F**K Trent Green*

I understand your knees are very important to your paycheck Mr Johnson, but I don’t think it was an intentional attack on your knees sir!  A 15 yard penalty is the least of your worries Mr Johnson.. A fine is most defiantly in your future.. and with any luck.. a suspension to go with it! Be a thug in the streets.. not on the football field..

Trent Green


8 Responses

  1. I don’t think he should be fined nor do I think that he should have gone flying all over the field looking like Elvis drunk off his AZZ falling all over the place.

    There are rules in football where you don’t go for the knees. That is as much off limits as doing something to you best friends girl. It’s an unspoken rule.

    Trent Green I hope will be OK but he got what he wanted. He took a 300 pound monster out of the play by taking out his knees.

  2. Have you taken one to many hits to the head??? I dont agree with the knee shot.. it was his actions after the play!!

  3. ma nom mi na!

  4. Exactly!! Do Do Da Do Do! *why does my hand smell like bleach?* U member!

  5. ok you beaner and cracker, like its never happened to anyone else before. geez *shakes head*

  6. I can honestly say I have never questioned why my hand smells like bleach after a night of drinking! How about you Brotha Steve?

  7. I can without a doubt not ever say that at anytime wether I was drinking or not.

  8. There you go Elvis.. It has never happened to either of us!

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