Go Bears!!!

What a great game. Good game Chicago… you took green bay from the ranks of the unbeatens. From all of us cowboys fans to you, thanks!

tomorrow dallas crushes buffalo, then its showtime vs new england.

edit: my girlie, a chicago girl at heart is cheered up a little after a long shift


9 Responses

  1. Sean! You have your revenge sir, at the hands of DA BEARS!!! Great win in Green Bay!!

  2. I will take it. I can’t understand why Green Bay allowed a team with no offense to make this a defensive game. Not all is well though, God Benson sucks. Where for art thou Thomas Jones?

  3. You know.. if your Green Bay you should be hanging your head in shame for allowing the Bears back in the game.. Tillman made two great plays.. and as far as Benson.. I had such high hopes for him when he made his journey to the NFL, from Texas.. I think he went way to high in the draft.. and sure as hell has not lived up to the 4th pick overall in the draft! Hey Sean, if you want a Jones back.. you can have Julius 😉

  4. You think we can get at least some practice balls for Jones, thats all hes been worth. LOL

  5. You know I would actually take Julius over Benson. Everyone thought the Bears were nuts for giving his Brother that 4 year deal, and it worked out ok. And I would not be shocked if the Bears went after him in Free Agency. I never wanted Benson. I wanted them to work a deal and move up for Edwards, or even Ronnie Brown, but not Benson. And hearing on the telecast that the reason Jones was traded was because he and Benson didn’t get along really pisses me off. Nooone on that team likes Benson, yet management chose him over a guy who had become a team leader. Benson is the Running Back version of Cade Mcnown.

  6. j jones has been pretty average. but don’t get rid of him this year! let him be his average self for the remainder of the year (i.e. his contract), then draft a new running back in the 2nd or 3rd round.

    darren mcfaddin is way outta our reach with cleveland playing pretty well. we’ll be lucky if thats still a top 8 pick at years end.

  7. What do you think about Tyson Thompson as a possible replacement?

  8. spare. same thing as j jones since early last year… if he were to amount to something, he would have shown it already.

  9. Agreed.. He was pretty good at kickoff/punt returns.. until he got hurt.. now he seems to be a timid runner

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