Hockey Wrap-Up (Week 1)

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Well not much happened last night as the NHL only had one game slated to play. The Colorado Avalanche hooked the San Jose Sharks by a whopping 6-2. Again all you fantasy hockey players Paul Statsny is showing no sign of a sophomore slump. After getting his first hat trick on opening night against the Dallas Stars, he showed up just as well against the Sharks getting 1 goal and 4 assist for a 5 point night. So far this NHL season if you think you know whats going on you need to guess again. I have just been floored by how some teams and I mean powerhouses are getting dominated by the lesser teams, same applies vice versa. I have noticed they are still calling alot of the BS penalty hooking calls, gimme a break, at least let it be a blatant hook not one over positioning of by a sheer nudge. All in all glad hockey is back but I sure hope I see some changes in the powerhouses that be or this could be the year of the underdog. By the way my new picks for key match-ups in week 2 are ready for you to join in and see if you can predict the future.


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