I’ve Done Enough?


Seems PacMan Jones thinks he has done enough to be reinstated early… Really?  So Mr Jones, you were not interviewed earlier this year on Real Sports, and basically DENY every charge that was read off to you… There was no smacking a dancer at a strip club? There was no shooting, that left a security guard in a wheelchair? There were not MULTIPLE charges against you for various fights?? Liverdamage and I had this discussion a few weeks ago.. I made the statement “I’d take a chance on PacMan here in Dallas.. if his contract was structured similar to T.O. or we could get him as cheap as Tank Johnson.. Liverdamage said “F**K THAT” Everyone that played with Tank Johnson has said he is a good guy.. NO ONE has come to PacMan’s side.. He later said that PacMan shows no remorse for anything he has done… “F**K HIM” After this discussion.. I tend to agree with him.. PacMan, Tank Johnson, and Michael Vick all share one thing in common.. They ALL ran with a really bad crowd.. Tank seems to have learned from his mistakes.. changed his group he runs with.. Vick.. Kinda doesnt have much choice.. since he is about to have a room booked for him in an “Extended Stay” establishment.. PacMan on the other hand.. Accepts no responsibility for his actions, or choices in life… If Roger Goodell is smart.. he will give PacMan the one fingered salute, and not allow him back in the league!!



2 Responses

  1. the other day you posed a question to me… would i like the highly talented pacman jones on the cowboys. my answer at that time was, no… he’d destroy the locker room…

    now that i’ve had some time to think about it… i really really don’t want him. dallas and atlanta have the best strip clubs in america! he’d be off the charts! besides, i enjoy going to these establishments. this puts me personally in great jeopardy! what the hell do you do if you’re getting a lapdance and pacman jones walks in the door?!? i’m gussing you have to throw the girl off you, run under the tables to the nearest fire exit just to avoid being shot by his posse.

  2. I quoted you as warmly as I could sir.. I think I did pretty well.. Now if you will excuse me, Im going to fall on the floor laughing at the mental image of you tossing a dance off your lap, diving under the closets table, and running out the door screaming like Chris Tucker on Friday!!!

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