Knicks can’t win


Isiah and the Knicks. Seems to be a match made in heaven. Neither can win, on or off of the court. Knicks have to pay a law suit for Isiah’s indiscretions with a former Knicks executive for sexual harassment. She has left the Knicks and gone back to work in the NCAA with Buffalo. Yes, there is a school there. She left so when she gets hit on and says no it’s at least to guys half her age and not twice her age.  Everything has gone downhill since that game 7 defeat oh so many years ago. Isiah, Isiah Isiah *shaking my head*. She’s not that hot, not $11 million dollars hot at least. You are a Hall of Famer, you’ve got rings and a family, why in the hell do you want to mess that up for some chic who told you no already. I would compare that to me owning 2 bentley’s and an Aston martin and then going to steal Range Rover. Seriously? Can’t you pull something on the side that doesn’t cost you $11,000,000.00? I bet you could get a hooker right there in the garden for a few K that are way hotter and love to say yes.  

Can someone tell me why HOF’s like going after things they can’t have? Super bowl players trying to get hummers from undercover cops, players who can’t put down the hippie lettuce, players betting on their own sports. Just F**KING stop already!

*Submitted by Stephen “Ren” Quintana


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