It Wasn’t Pretty!


WOW! It wasn’t pretty.. but Ill damn sure take it! More to come in the morning.. I have a bottle of whiskey calling my name, to calm my nerves!!!!


*Side Note* Can we please start a petition to have Emmit removed from the broadcast team?


24 Responses

  1. Sorry I didnt answer when you called sir.. I was in the middle of a shot of whiskey! 😉

  2. oh my god that was a terrible terribly awesome game. vlad eric and i all had heartattacks. god was feeling extra generous after giving the cowboys that game so he healed our recently developed heart attacks so we could enjoy the game more.

    its a good thing i can’t drink now because i’d be throwing up after this game and blacked the whole thing out. i would have:
    (to start)
    drank 1 beer for every score by buffalo
    drank 1 shot for every romo interception/turnover
    (the stretch run)
    drank 1 shot for on the final touchdown
    drank 1 shot on the missed 2 point conversion
    drank 1 shot on the onside kick recovery
    drank 1 shot for the celebration of t.o. completion
    drank 1 shot when they spiked the ball with 1 second
    drank 1 shot when they said the spike was null and previous play was gonna get reviewed
    drank 1 shot with next completion
    drank 1 shot with the 1st kick make
    drank 1 shot on the post-timeout kick is made

    but if i drank like that, then i wouldn’t be able to type a longest sentence about the most entertaining and heart stopping game i’ve seen since bledsoe blew a short throw into the endzone on last second comeback attempt against philly a few years back.

    they had NO business winning that game…

  3. btw, if you want to read something funny… read the game’s running comments from (great site by the way)

    start at 578-ish.

  4. Yes but for those who don’t know you, this would sound like alot of shots! 😉 I am so glad we cut Gramatica.. he would have shit himself trying to make that long of a field goal!

  5. hey lets not forget some of those calls against us were bullshit, even from right out of the damn gate. it was already slated as a feel good story for the underdogs even during the damn pregame


    i love it!! i won’t be able to sleep for hours.

    and refs were ok by my account… not great, but they didn’t have much to do with romo’s ints. i will say the 2 point conversion looked alot like pass interfence on T.O. that wasn’t called… it was iffy to call for a game deciding play though. i try not to blame the refs win or lose though unless they were REALLY bad.

  7. Ok Rob, you gotta admit that T.O. spiking the ball was a bullshit call.. Even the morons in the booth said the samething!

  8. lest not us forget the punt return that cleary showed going out of bounds but somehow got marked at the damn one.

  9. as for T.O. that was BS, it was more of a toss over and spike i had ever seen

  10. TO: by that logic, the non-call against our favorite safety doing his favorite trademarked tackle would have canceled that out 3 times over.

    Punt: that was an awesome punt! perfectly coffin cornered… you can punt the ball out of bounds unlike a kickoff. 100% correct call and as close to a good spot as humanly possible.

    i didn’t say they were good… i said i try not to blame the refs if they do a serviceable job.

  11. Ill give you that one! Had Roy Williams been called for yet another horsecollar.. I would have burned my Williams jersey!

    Punt.. Pure greatness.. even thou it did put us at the 2.. which would later give Buffalo a gimmie pick/6

  12. it wasn’t a great play for the cowboys… it was a great punt. we saw the unquestioned 2 best punters in the league… possibly the 2 best punters ever (not kidding). their punter scored 6 points for them… mcbriar stopped at least 1 field goal by pinning the bills with bad field position.

  13. This game ranks up there with the Texas/USC game.. atleast with me

  14. calm down on that one… watch your dvd of that game again…. those were 2 great teams bringing their A games.

    but yeah, i loved watching that game, and will dub it “instant classic”. dallas lead the in game for exactly 0 seconds and won the game in regulation… how many times has any team ever done that?

  15. I damn near had several heart attacks… That was an UGLY game, but the outcome was OK…

  16. Yeah, that game was very ugly, but I think the outcome was great. And give Emmit some time. He’ll improve.

  17. That ESPN booth really really really really really sucks.

    Emmit, as bad as he is, was the bright spot of that whole team (studio and booth), and I just want to point out that that ain’t saying much because he sucks at it, too!!

    I hate ESPN MNF.

  18. A potion? What are you going to do, turn him into a rat? Maybe a petition would help?

    heh heh heh

  19. Yeah Yeah Yeah.. please forgive me.. I was alittle excited last night! lol

  20. that was probably the worst and best game of the year so far. what was so great is how Tony Cornholer was just talking about what a great team Buffalo was for winning that game and then snatched from the JAWS of victory came defeat.

    Then the Cornroller went to saying “What does Dallas have to do to lose this game?” LOL, nothing retard, we weren’t going to lose that game!

  21. emmitt smith’s hire-on promises at espn:

    will give insightful observations: when analyzing the Detroit Lions’ offense, Emmitt’s full evaluation was, “Mike Martz have them rolling.”

    will say “Let me axe you something” at least once every statement

    will refer to Jacksonville Jaguars defensive tackle Marcus Stroud as “Marco Strausse”

    call an 1-2 chargers team the best 0-3 team

    refer to the patriots as a golf club

    predict the best ROOKIE running back this year for Travis Henry

  22. Once again.. *AMEN* Emmitt might be able to run.. and might be able to dance.. but damn.. Emmitt, leave the TV career to Michael and Troy!!

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